Housing Typology

      Quality of construction is the focus of State Government. It has developed 3 housing typologies, suitable to different geographical conditions of the State in collaboration with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research – Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee. With improved typology and better technology the construction of more durable houses has become faster and economical.

Stone Block :

Stones are available in plenty in the hilly areas of our State of Odisha. The beneficiaries can construct a decent and a durable house using these stones. Normally, a house made of bricks costs about Rs.27,500/- whereas, by use of stone blocks it costs approximately Rs.18,000/-. Thus, the beneficiary saves Rs.9,500/-. Besides 30 x 20 x 15 cm size blocks, smaller blocks for breaking bonds in masonry and slotted blocks for providing vertical steel bars are also cast simultaneously using special moulds.

R.C. Plank :

Casting of RCC roof is a difficult in remote hilly areas. Centering and shuttering material is difficult to arrange. RC Planks are Pre-Cast slabs and have been developed to overcome this difficulty. This not only reduces the expenses of roof-casting by 25 %, but also saves time required for casting RCC roof.

R.C. Joist (Beam) :

R.C. Joist (Beam) are required for supporting the RC Planks. These are also precast in steel moulds with steel bars using cement concrete 1:1.5:3. The Joists are water cured for minimum 3 weeks and are used after one month.

Rat Trap Wall :

In this process brick masonry is done leaving a cavity in the walls. This process saves 25 % of brick requirement. A house of normal wall requires 5,500 bricks, whereas, the house built adopting this technique requires only 4,200 bricks and Rs.6,500/- is saved.

Fly Ash Bricks ( C-Bricks) :

Conventional brick manufacturing is both expensive and time consuming. Besides, production of such bricks has environmental hazards. In view of this, Government has selected a better way.

      Fly ash, is waste ash produced by Thermal Power Plants. There are three types of Fly Ash – White, Grey and Black. Brick-making with white ash is expensive; the black ash is unsuitable for brick making. Hence, only the grey ash can be utilized for manufacturing. Always use roller mixtures for preparing the mix.